Page Pop folders

Folders are a convenient way to organize your Page Pops, making it simple to assign permissions to different groups of admins.

To create a folder, click the “Create Folder” icon next to “All Page Pops” on the Page Pops list. 

Create Folder icon highlighted on Page Pops folder list

Give the folder a name, and optionally, set the folder permissions.

You can create as many folders as you like; however, folders cannot be nested underneath other folders.

To create a Page Pop inside a particular folder, click on the folder before you click the green “Create Page Pop” button. Any pop not created in a folder will be in the “Uncategorized” view of the Page Pops list. Only users with “Admin” rights to the Page Pops module can see or create pops in the “Uncategorized” view.

Move a Page Pop from “Uncategorized” or from a different folder by clicking on the “Move to Folder” icon to the right of the pop on the list, or in the bottom-right menu of the Page Pop details. 

Move to folder icon highlighted on Page Pop details screen

To delete a folder, click on the three-dot More Actions menu next to it, then click on “Delete.” Page Pops from that folder will be moved to “Uncategorized.”

Folder permissions

Click on the three-dot More Actions menu next to the folder, then click on Settings to bring up the Folder Settings menu.

Settings link highlighted on More Actions menu for folder

Click on the “Permissions” tab to add permissions for this folder.

Choose an admin group (under the “Site Administrators” heading) or search for an admin user with the picker. Then select the desired level of permissions.

For more information on admin permissions, refer to Page Pop admin permissions.

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