Page Pops overview

Page Pops are pop-up messages that appear on specific pages to alert visitors about vital information. They can be used to announce weather delays, special events or other items of interest. Go to the Page Pops module to create and display these messages on selected Composer pages.

Select the "Page Pops" link from the Modules menu.

Page Pop link highlighted in module menu

Note: Page Pops was previously an option within the Composer menu. It is now part of the Modules menu, with a new look and enhanced functionality. 

View migrated Page Pops

When you access Page Pops in its new location, all the Page Pops that were previously created in Composer will be located in a folder named “Migrated Page Pops.” Folders are a new feature of the Page Pops module that can be used to organize your pops and assign permissions to specific users. Learn more about using Page Pop folders.

Create a Page Pop

Click on the green "Create Page Pop" button to make a new pop in the selected folder.

Create Page Pop button on Page Pops dashboard

The Page Pop comprises four main elements.

Blank Page Pop interface

  • Name. The Page Pop name displays as the title of the pop and will be visible to site visitors.

  • Message. The full content editor is available for you to compose your messages. You can add images, videos, or other rich content to your popup, not just text.

  • Start and end dates. Enter the desired date, or use the date and time picker underneath the field to specify when your pop will be shown to visitors.

  • Display options. Set the toggle for “All Pages” or “Selected Pages” to determine which pages on your website will show the popup. Depending on each admin’s permission settings, it may only be possible to display the pop on certain pages. Find out more about Page Pops permissions.

If your site has timed and delayed Page Pops enabled, use the “Delay Pop Display” checkbox to set up this feature for the pop.

Note: Styles will not be reflected in the Page Pops content editor because styles come from the theme which is applied in Composer. 

Page Pop statuses

Save the pop using the button in the bottom-right corner. The Page Pops status is displayed as Active (green), Scheduled (blue), Unscheduled (yellow), or Expired (red), according to whether and how the start and end dates are completed. You can filter pops based on these statuses in the Page Pops list view, using the “Filter by Status” dropdown menu.

Link Page Pop to messages

If you have a lot of information to convey, more than can be comfortably read in a popup box, you may want to add a link to further details. Using the Messages module, you can display a link on the Page Pop to the archived version of a message

Reuse a Page Pop

Once you have saved a pop, there are two available options to bring similar or updated information to your site visitors: clone or display pop again.

Clone Page Pop

Click the “Clone Page Pop” icon in the bottom-right menu or in the list view to create a duplicate version of your pop. This makes it possible to edit the content for a follow-up message, display a version of the pop on different pages, and more.

The Start and End dates for the cloned pop will not be populated.

Display Pop Again

When visitors encounter a Page Pop on a site page, they can select the X to close the pop and view it again the next time they load a page the pop is set to display on. Or, they can click the “Don’t show again” link at the bottom of the pop to dismiss the pop completely.

Note: Users can still see active Page Pops they have closed or dismissed by selecting the bell icon on the left side of the page.

If you have updated the information in a Page Pop that has already been displayed to users (and therefore dismissed by at least some of them), you may want to show that pop to everyone again. Select the “Display Pop Again” checkbox, under the Display Options menu, to show the pop to all users again.

Display Options settings with Display Pop Again selected

Tip: As a best practice, respect your users’ preferences and make use of this feature only sparingly. Always make it clear that the information has changed. 

Page Pop display order

Page Pops are less effective when there are many of them displaying simultaneously; however, there may be some instances when using multiple pops on a page is unavoidable. In such cases, active pops will be shown in chronological order with the most recent date first.

If more than one pop has the exact same start date, the Page Pop that was most recently updated will be prioritized.

Changing the start date of active pops is a good way to manipulate what order they display in. You may even want to change the start date to a past date to force it to the top.

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