Page Pops admin permissions

Page Pops are pop-up messages that display timely information to site visitors on some or all of the pages of your website. Permissions may be customized to determine who can create and publish the pops, as well as which pages they can be displayed on. 

Administrators grant access to create and publish Page Pops from within the module itself. Once access is granted to the module, individual page permissions can then be edited to restrict where Page Pops can be posted by each administrator. 

Module permissions

To set module permissions:

  1. Navigate to Modules > Page Pops.

  2. Select the gear icon on the upper-right side of the interface.

    Permissions icon highlighted on Page Pops main menu

  3. For each admin group, select the appropriate level of access.

    Page Pops permissions screen with admin groups at different access levels

    • Not Allowed: Group is not able to see the module in their menu.

    • Access: Group is allowed to see the module in their menu, but additional folder permissions (see below) are needed to create and publish Page Pops.

    • Admin: Group has full rights to see all folders and Page Pops contained within those folders, including uncategorized Page Pops.

  4. Click "Update" to apply changes.

Folder permissions

If a group is set to “Access” in the Page Pops module permissions, additional folder permissions are required.

Note: In order to set these permissions, your admin group must have “Admin” rights to the module. 

Because only groups with full rights to the Page Pops module can see "Uncategorized" Page Pops, you will need to create one or more folders and then assign rights for your "Access"-level admins.

To set Page Pop folder permissions:

  1. Select the folder and click the three-dot menu.

  2. Click "Settings" and go to the "Permissions" tab.

  3. Click "Select Group," expand the "Site Administrators" dropdown, and select the desired admin group. 

    Select Groups menu with Site Administrators dropdown expanded

  4. For each group you select, set the required permission in the dropdown.

    Folder permissions with rights dropdown expanded

    • Admin: This setting allows the group to view, edit, delete, and publish Page Pops in the folder, as well as grant permissions to other groups.

    • View, Edit, Delete & Publish (All Page Pops): This setting allows the group to view, edit, delete, and publish the Page Pops within the folder.

  5. Select "Save" to confirm the changes.

Page Permissions

Page Pops can be configured to display on all pages of your website, or only in certain locations. Users with "Admin" rights for the Page Pops module can display pops on any page.

When a user has "Access" permissions to Page Pops, they are granted access by default to display Page Pops on all pages on the website. That access may be rolled back on certain pages, if desired.

Note: If you are using Locations, Admin and Access display rights are only applicable on the admin group's assigned domain(s).

You can locate the settings to restrict that access to a specific set of pages on the Composer pages themselves. These settings “cascade,” meaning that the access level you apply to a page will automatically be applied to the child pages below it. If you say that the group is not allowed to post on the homepage, for example, they will not be allowed to post on the homepage or any child page below it. 

To restrict the pages a group can display Page Pops on:

  1. Go to the section or individual page in Composer that you would like to restrict. 

  2. Click on the page and then select the settings gear at the bottom of the page.

  3. Go to the “Permissions” tab.

    Settings icon and Permissions tab highlighted on Composer page with Page Settings menu

  4. Select the appropriate permission for that page.

    • Allowed: The group can display Page Pops on the selected page and any child pages.

    • Not Allowed: The group cannot display Page Pops on the selected or child pages.

If you set an entire section of pages to "Not Allowed," individual subpages can be set to "Allowed" as needed using the same steps.

If a Page Pop has been applied to a page that a user does not have “Allowed” permissions to, the pop will not be visible to that user in the module.

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