Finalsite Store analytics

With a connected Google Analytics account, you can get insight into shopping and purchasing behavior with Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting. Once this reporting is enabled, you can track the following events:

  • Views of any store page
  • Views of product pages (ID of the product viewed in the store, its name, category and price)
  • Adding product to shopping cart (IDs of products added to the cart, their names, prices, quantities and categories)
  • Checkout: a shopper starts checkout
  • Checkout: a shopper enters shipping address
  • Checkout: a shopper chooses shipping method
  • Checkout: a shopper chooses payment method
  • Purchase (name of the store the purchase came through, the order number, order total, tax amount, shipping cost, coupon code if entered)

Note: Finalsite does not maintain access to Google Analytics. Please refer to Google’s documentation to enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting.

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