Organize with folders in Messages

Lists and messages in the Messages module may both be organized into folders you create. This article explains how to set up and use those folders.

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Manage your folders

To create a folder, click the Create Folder icon next to All Lists or All Messages on the respective tabs and give it a name. You can create as many folders as you like; however, folders cannot be nested underneath other folders.

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To create a message or list inside a particular folder, select the folder before you click the green Create Message or Create Mailing List button. If you don’t select a folder, the list or message will be located in the Uncategorized folder. 

Move a list or message from Uncategorized or from a different folder by clicking on the Move to Folder icon on the right side of the row. 

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To delete a folder, click on the three-dot More Actions menu next to it, then click on Delete. Messages or lists from that folder will be moved to Uncategorized.

Set folder permissions

Click on the three-dot More Actions menu next to the folder, then click on Settings to bring up the Folder Settings menu. Click on the Permissions tab to add permissions for this folder.

Choose an admin group (under the Site Administrators heading) or an admin user with the picker. Then select the desired level of permissions.

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In addition to the folder-level permissions in Lists, you can set permissions on individual mailing lists to increase the level of protection. The group or individual(s) with permission at the list level must also have permission for the folder the list exists within.

Learn more about Messages Folder Level permissions

Messages Folder Level permissions article

To view more on Messages Folder Level permissions, read the article, "Messages permissions" and click on the Folder tab for permission levels.

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Perform Bulk Actions

If you've been using Messages for a while and have a lot of messages that aren't in folders, or you just want to change up your organization system, moving messages in bulk can help you make quick work of that task. 

Click the Bulk Actions button on the right side of the messages list to show the multi-select checkboxes.


Then, select any messages you want to move to a particular folder. The gray bar at the top of the list will tell you how many messages you have selected, and it also contains the Move to Folder link. Click the link, then select the destination folder from the list that appears. 

Important Note

It's necessary to have Admin permission for the folder in order to use the bulk move tool. Users with View, Edit permission can move messages one at a time.

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