Set Portal (Role) landing pages

When site users log in to the website, they will be taken to the portal page for whatever role they belong to ("Parents," "Faculty/Staff," "Alumni," etc.).

Portal pages are defined in the Domain Settings in Composer. For each role that you have configured in Constituent Manager, you can designate an existing page on your site to be that role's portal page.

Hover over your site's domain (this usually reads "Main Site" or your school’s name) in the left navigation and click on the Action Menu icon to bring up the flyout menu, then click the Settings icon to open up the Domain Settings.


Click the "Landing Pages" tab of the Domain Settings window.


Scroll down to the “Role Landing Pages” section.

Each entry represents a constituent role defined in Constituent Manager. For each role, you can use the "Choose Page" button to select a Composer page to serve as that role's portal page. Any role that does not have a landing page assigned will go to the “Home” page by default.


Users in more than one role will have permission to view more than one role landing page. The page they land on first will be determined by the order* in which the roles are displayed on the Landing Pages screen.

*This order can be adjusted in Constituent Manager > Settings > Constituent Roles > Select Role > General Settings > Sort Sequence Screen_Shot_2020-06-30_at_10.57.56.png

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