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Use a datasheet template to automate the process of adding profile photo(s) into Constituent profiles. Each profile in Constituent Manager can have both a Small and a Large image associated with it.

Many schools use the Small Profile Photo in conjunction with a Constituent element in Directory format to create a Faculty / Staff Directory. Here's how to get started! 

Step 1: Upload photos into File Manager

Upload all of your faculty and staff profile photos to a common folder in File Manager. Please refer to Editing user thumbnail images for more information about optimizing your faculty photos before you upload them.

upload files into a common folder.png

Step 2: Download datasheet template

Step 3: Locate the ImportID

Finalsite Authentication SIS or Other Integration

Find ImportIDs in Constituent Manager

Export the values of all of your ImportIDs: 

  • Go to Constituent Manager > Settings > Export Data > Export dropdown (select the role).
  • Click Compile Export button.

Compile Export of values.gif

Find individual ImportIDs for each constituent:

    • Access individual ImportIDs in each user profile in Constituent Manager> Profile tab. Scroll all the way down to the System Information section and copy the number beneath the ID column. find import ID.png

Step 4: Complete the spreadsheet

OPEN TEMPLATE: Open the template in your favorite spreadsheet software, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.
faculty photos datasheet.png

  1. Copy the ImportIDs (or FinalsiteOpenID) you located in Step 3.
  2. Paste ImportIDs into the IMPORTID column.
  3. URL of their photo into the spreadsheet.

Step 5: Save your datasheet with the correct file name

Important Note:

  • DELETE the instructions column before downloading.
  • DELETE any blank columns you're not using.

Download FIRST as .tsv format

If using Google Sheets, select Download As in the File menu and Download your datasheet as a Tab Separated Values file (.tsv) into a location where you can access the file. 

download as .tsv file.png

Rename SECOND as .txt format

Once you have the .tsv file, rename the file manually so that the new file extension is .txt. 

tsv to txt file name change.png

Step 6: Submit to FS support 

Submit a Request to Finalsite Support including your .txt file in the request. We'll communicate with you via your request and update your site's database to include your new information. 


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