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Use a datasheet template to fill out student and parent data in bulk for a faster, more efficient way to add them as constituents to your platform. 

Step 1: Download datasheet template

Step 2: Complete all three tabs of the spreadsheet

Open the template in your favorite spreadsheet software, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

"Students" tab worksheet

  1. Fill in the "Students" worksheet with the data for the students to be uploaded. Use a unique import ID for each student, and take note of them. 

"Households-Parents" tab worksheet

This worksheet will create "Parent" constituents, and their households. A spousal relationship will be created between the first parent (columns I–AA) and the sp_ parent (columns AB–AS). If a parent lives in another household (e.g., divorced parents), they should be included in a new row.

  1. Enter the name and address of the student's primary household on the Households-Parents worksheet.

  2. Enter the data for the student's parent(s) living in the primary household on that household's line. Columns I–AA are for the first parent, and columns AB–AS are for that parent's spouse. Each parent must have a unique import ID.

  3. If there is a second household, enter that household's name and address on a new line, then enter that household's parent data as in step 3.

"Relationships" worksheet

This worksheet will define the relationships between the students on the first worksheet and the parents on the second worksheet.

  1. Enter the student's import ID in column B of the Relationships worksheet.

  2. Enter the import ID for the parent that lives with the student in column C. The student will be added to this parent's household. Enter that parent's relationship to the student (e.g., Mother, Father) in column D.

  3. If the first parent has a spouse in the same household, enter that parent's relationship to the student (e.g., Father, Step-Mother) in column E.

  4. If the student has a secondary household, enter the import ID of the first parent in that household in column F. Enter that parent's relationship to the student in column G and their spouse's relationship to the student in column H.

  5. If necessary, copy columns F through H for additional parents and update the column headers to Parent3, etc.

Step 3: Download and save as .txt file

Important Note:

  • DELETE the instructions column before downloading.
From Excel From Google Sheets

Save As a .txt file from Excel

Select File > Save As > Text (Tab delimited) .txt

save as .txt file.png

Step 4: Upload the datasheet or submit to FS support 

Option A: Follow the instructions in Upload constituent data to Constituent Manager to import the completed datasheet yourself.

Option B: Submit a Request to Finalsite Support. We'll update your site's database to include this information. 

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