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Uploading images

In order to add a profile picture to a Constituent's record, you must first upload the image file to your site using File Manager. See Uploading files or images to File Manager for more details. These may be faculty photos but will be used in a Constituent element to display on a Composer page once uploaded and attached to the correct Constituent profile. 

Image size

Before attaching a thumbnail image to a user account, make sure that the photo is correctly sized. Because thumbnail images can appear next to the user's name on any Directory Pages where they appear, it's important that the photos are small enough that they will fit on the Directory Page without exceeding the width of the page's content area. Photos that are too wide will push the Banners out to the sides of the browser window, which will make the Directory look awkward when it is displayed in a browser window. 400 pixels wide is a good place to start; be sure to test the images out in a few profiles first to ensure that the sizes work with your site's layout.

If the images you already uploaded are too large, it is possible to resize images from within File Manager using the image editor. 

Recommended sizes

These image sizes have worked well for clients:

  • "Large" images (suggested for Composer sites): 400x600
  • "Small" images: 200x300
  • Keep the file size <200 kb

Adding images to user accounts

To add, change or delete a photo for a particular person, find the appropriate user account within Constituent Manager and open the record. Scroll down the "Profile" tab to the section titled "Other Information." There are two entries for images, "Small Photo" and "Large Photo." Find the photo you want to edit ("Small Photo" will be used as a thumbnail on Directory Pages), and click the corresponding "Browse" button to open File Manager.


To add a profile picture, find the image file that you previously uploaded to File Manager, and click on the file name. (You could also use the File Manager controls to upload an image at this time, if you didn't upload it already.) 


Deleting images from user accounts

To delete a profile picture, repeat the process above to open the Constituent record and browse for an image. Instead of clicking  on a filename, however, click "clear image" to remove the picture from the Constituent record.


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