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Thumbnail images can be added to both boards and individual posts to be displayed in various ways on your Composer site. 

Upload thumbnail to Resources

Before adding your thumbnail into the Posts module, add your resource to the Resources module. Upload thumbnails with a central focus that isn't too closely zoomed into and has a strong, central focal point. This way, the image may be cropped or clipped around the edges to optimize the image for being viewed on all screen sizes.

Recommended thumbnail sizes

Note: Due to the uniqueness of your site's theme or design, it is a best practice to follow your Site Instructions page when searching for recommended sizes and dimensions for post thumbnails. Thumbnail images may be animated gifs, but videos are not supported.

Add a thumbnail to a board

Once your thumbnail has been added to resources, you can add your thumbnail to a board within Posts. To do this, hover over the board name, click the 3-dot more action menu, and select Settings.

open up board settings.png

Find the Thumbnail section in the Board Settings window, and click either Resources or File Manager to browse for the thumbnail you'd like to attach to this board. 

thumbnail section in the board settings window.png  

Navigate to the image you want to use and select it, then click Save at the bottom-right. 

Add a thumbnail to individual posts

Thumbnails can be attached to the post when it's first created, or anytime after it's saved.

Expand out the Thumbnail & Resources section on the right when creating a Post. Click to browse either Resources or File Manager and attach a thumbnail to this particular post.

add thumbnail to individual post.png

When you select a thumbnail, you can also add alternate text to the image. Use this field to add a short description of the image contents. The fact that alt text is present at all will help boost your site's SEO rankings. In addition, describing images is considered a very thoughtful and polite way to interact with visually impaired site users.

Display thumbnail alongside your post in Composer

After placing the Post and its thumbnail onto a Composer page, you can open up the Post Element Settings and expand out the Formatting tab to make adjustments to the way a post thumbnail displays inside that particular Post element. 

Here are the post thumbnail settings you'll see in your Post Element: 

gif of post element settings opened up to formatting settings for thumbnails

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