Clearing your browser's cache and cookies

Each time you access a webpage or file through your web browser, the browser stores it in its memory, so that it doesn't need to keep retrieving the same data every time you access the page. This storage is known as your cache.

A cookie is a file created by the web browser that stores user-specific information about a particular site. These can be form selections, saved settings, a record of the last page you were on, etc.

On rare occasions, there can be issues caused by these features that cause your browser to behave erratically. Finalsite Support is excellent at recognizing occasions where this might have happened, and we will often ask you to clear your browser's cache and cookies as a troubleshooting step.

Clearing your cache and cookies

  1. Hit Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard. (If you are on a Mac, Cmd + Shift + Del.)

  2. In the window, that appears, check off the options for "Cached images and Files" and "Cookies and other site data. The other boxes can remain unchecked.

  3. Make sure that the time range is set to "the beginning of time" or "Everything".

  4. Click Clear Browsing Data.

Note: The option labels in the instructions above are specific for Google Chrome. Other browsers may have slightly different labels for these options, but the basic steps are the same for all browsers. See if you need specific instructions for a different browser.

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