Twilio setup for Mobile App customers to continue push notifications to Android devices

This article discusses new mandatory guidelines for all users of Finalsite’s Mobile App to follow the steps in this article in order to continue sending out push notifications to Android devices. 

Important Note

Without following this setup process, push notifications will no longer work on Android devices.

In this Article

Who does this affect?

Mobile app account owners. 

Why do I need to do this?

New software compliance requirements have been released for Android devices. In order to continue sending push notifications to Android devices, all mobile app accounts must configure these new Twilio credential settings.

Where do I start?

  1. Complete the Firebase setup instructions
  2. Complete Finalsite setup instructions

What is the deadline for completing this update?

June 1st, 2024.

Part 1: Firebase setup instructions:

Step 1: Create a custom role for FCM in Google Cloud Console

Navigate to the Google Cloud Console, where we'll create a custom role tailored for Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

  1. Go to the IAM & Admin section.
  2. Create a custom role for FCM.
  3. Add only the "cloudmessaging.messages.create" permission to the role. This is the only role we need.

create role 1.png

create role 2.png

1 assigned permission.png

Step 2: Create a New GCP Service Account

Move on to the Service Accounts section in the Google Cloud Console to set up a dedicated service account.

  1. Create a new GCP service account.
  2. Specify only the custom role created in Step 1 for this service account.

step 2 create service account.png
create service account part 2.png

Step 3: Generate a Private Key for the Service Account

Generate a private key for the service account, ensuring secure and authorized access.

  1. Navigate to Service Account Credentials in the Google Cloud Console.
  2. Create a new private key for the service account.
  3. Download the private key JSON file to your computer.

custom fcm sa part 1 step 3.png

custom-fcm-sa part 2 step 3.png

Part 2: Finalsite setup instructions:

Step 1: Submit private key (JSON file) to Finalsite Support via a ticket
Complete and submit this form including your Service Account Key (JSON file) / Twilio ID in the form. 
Step 2: FS Support will configure the Twilio credentials using the JSON file
Our Support team will communicate with you at the email provided in your form.
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