Manually adding social media posts to Feeds

Manually Adding Posts

If a post that you want to feature on your site is not appearing due to your standard filter settings, you can manually add that post directly from the Moderation Console.

From the Console, click the “Social Media Sources” button:


The list of your Feeds sources will slide open.

Click on the source you want to add a post to, then select “Add Post Manually.”


A new window will appear over the moderation console. Type your post content and paste your links into the text area.


Note: Some sources, such as blogs, do not allow manual posts from the Moderation Console; these sources must be updated at the actual content source itself.

The post will be submitted to the Feed source and will appear there - manual posts to a Twitter feed will appear as Tweets on the account, manual posts to Instagram will appear there as posts, and so on.

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