Displaying Feeds on site pages

Feeds are displayed on Composer pages via the Feeds element, found in the “Social” tab of the element library.


Drop a Feeds element onto a Composer page, then click the pink "gear" icon to adjust its settings.


The Edit Feeds Element Settings window pops up.


Feeds element settings

Use the tabs at the top to select a format for the element.


  • List format displays the source content in a single vertical column

  • Grid format displays social media posts in a grid layout. You can use the controls to select  the total number of posts to pull in and how many columns are in the grid.

  • Slideshow format is a single panel showing social media posts in a rotation. You can use the controls to select to the total number of posts to pull in and how many posts to display on screen. There is also a setting for autoplay and the play/pause button.

  • Custom format is used by Finalsite’s developers during deployment to create any other presentations called for in your site’s design.

Use the “Sources” dropdown menu to select the social media posts that will show up in this element. This dropdown menu is populated with the Feeds sources added in the Feeds moderation console.


Note: If you do not see your feeds listed, you may need to add them in the Feeds module

The “Display” dropdown menu controls how many posts from all of your sources appear in the element.


The “Show up to X posts wide” dropdown menu controls the width of the Feeds element on the site page. The Feeds element is responsive - as the user shrinks the size of their browser window, Feeds will step down the number of columns displayed.

The controls in the “Design” section of the element settings let you add a background image, header and footer to the element, if you want.


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