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Finalsite Central is a free companion app for Messages and Messages XR admins allowing you to draft, send, and review messages from your mobile device. 

Log in to Finalsite Central

cell phone image with FInalsite Central login screen and first field is username, second field is for entering the access code.png

Log in to your Finalsite Central app through the use of a 3-digit access code found on your Messages Dashboard. Be prepared to enter the following information: 

  • Username: The username you use to log in to your Finalsite CMS.
  • Access Code: The 3-digit access code can be found on your Messages Dashboard in the "Access Messages On-the-Go" box.

finalsite central app messages dashboard access code.png

Click Next and then, on the following screen, enter:

  • Password: Your Finalsite password.
Click Get QR Code to scan the code and quickly pre-fill both the username and access code onto your home screen. If you have not already downloaded the app, you will first be taken to the app store of your choice to complete the download before the same information will be pre-filled into your login fields.

Access all messages and folders

Once you’ve arrived into the app, you’ll be presented with a list of all the messages that already exist in your Messages module. This list includes those that have been sent out already, as well as those ready to send or Unscheduled. Choose a different folder to open up at the top of the feed, or simply select a message you see in the feed on your screen. Remember that you can start a message on the desktop platform that can be finalized while “on the go” with a mobile device.

messages inbox screenshot.png

Permissions in the Finalsite Central app will mirror those granted in the Messages module.

Edit previously created messages

Finalsite Central isn't just for creating new messages, but also for those already in your Messages module on your CMS. Messages created in Finalsite Central will join other messages that exist in folders on your web platform. Open up a message to edit and update, and then send with the mobile Finalsite Central version or when you have returned to your desk. 

Create a new message

To create a new email message, tap on the plus sign in the middle of the bottom toolbar.

Arrow pointing to the plus sign in bottom toolbar to create new message

  • Enter an Internal Name
  • Make sure the correct Folder is selected where you want this message to live.
  • Choose the Message Type that defines your message: Promotional or Important Announcement.
  • Click to Select Recipients.

    Important Note

    In the app, Important Announcement is shortened to Announcement

    Write your Message

    Now you're ready to write your message! Enter the Subject, which will appear in the recipient's inbox. Then compose your message content. If you are choosing to send your message via Voice, SMS, or Finalsite Mobile app, the text entered in your email will pre-fill into the other channels with the same information. 

    Best practice

    Read more about this in the article, "Best practices for sending emails with Messages."

    Prepare to send your message

    Before sending your message, open up each channel by clicking on the icon in the bottom toolbar to configure its settings. A yellow warning triangle indicates missing information, such as a Reply-To address that will need to be added in order for the message to be sent.

    bottom toolbar to enable each channel.png

    Activate at least one channel

    Toggle on at least one of the channels in order to send your message. Toggle off if you do not want the message to be sent through a certain channel.

    all channels gif.gif


    Click the Reply-To option to select which email address will be targeted when a recipient replies to your message. You can select your own address (the default), or any Reply-To addresses that you have permission to use.

    From Label

    Click to enter your text into the From Label. This is helpful to ensure that the email is more recognizable in inboxes, with the District name or department more visible (i.e. Communications Department or Finalsite ISD.) If nothing is entered here, will be used.    

    Message Content

    After the settings are configured, complete the Message Content in each channel you'll be including: 

              • Email: Write your message text with a basic text editor.
              • SMS Message: The information from your email message will be prefilled here, but may need to be truncated to fit into the 160-character limit for the SMS message field.
              • Voice Message: Prepare your message using either the Text-to-Speech option (3,000-character limit) which converts your text into a voice message or simply Record a Message (3-minute limit.) 
              • Mobile app: Push your message out as a notification to your Finalsite Mobile app. 

    Schedule Messages to send later

    Not ready to send? Wanting to send at a specific time of the day? Schedule a message to go out when it is most convenient. When you hit send, the app will give you the choice to Send Now or Send Later. You will see a screen displaying the number of recipients with a final chance to review the messages in each channel. 

        schedule send message later screen.png   

    Send confirm screen

    Once the message is finished sending, a confirmation screen will appear. 


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