Automated Messages features

Finalsite Messages module now includes the added benefit of the automated sending out of attendance notifications. Write your attendance message, choose when and how often you want it to go out, and the messages will flow out to your community.

Automated Messages is in the early adopter phase as a Messages XR add-on product. Contact your Client Success Manager or email to learn more about how to get started. 

Find Automated Messages in your Messages module

Click to open your Messages module and then in the left navigation in Messages, select Automated Messages.

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Connect your data

Work with our data integration team to ensure that your attendance data is syncing properly with Finalsite.

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Configuring automated messages

Prepare your message

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  1. Define Attendance Category Codes through SIS data sheet.
  2. Select which Locations the automated alerts will be sent out for.
  3. Type your Subject.
  4. Set From and Reply-to fields.
  5. Automate the Send on settings based on a predefined schedule. Choose the frequency of days and specific time your message will be sent.
  6. Type your message content. Merge Tags can be selected from the dropdown, allowing you to personalize each message. 
  7. Choose any languages you'd like to translate into from the Languages dropdown.
  8. Preview your message in each language translation with different merge tag details displayed.

Make adjustments as needed

Reset schedule to different frequencies of days by selecting or deselecting the days next to Send on and changing your time with the dropdown picker.

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Activate your message

Once your message is ready to send, toggle the Active button in the top right corner. This message will now be sent out at the frequency you have set. Toggling off will deactivate your message and it will no longer be sent out until activated again. 

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