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Automated attendance alerts are now possible with Finalsite’s Messages module. This article is specific to the use of merge tags in the Automated Messages feature of the Messages module.

A merge tag is a placeholder or variable that represents a piece of data from a specific source, allowing you to customize your messaging and keep readers more engaged. 

Automated Messages is in the early adopter phase as a Messages XR add-on product. Contact your Client Success Manager or email to learn more about how to get started. 

Example attendance alert merge tags

  • %AttendanceDate% pulls in the date of the attendance alert in question.
  • %AttendanceDescription% is pulled directly from the Attendance Category Codes set first during integration and added into the (add link here) area by clicking the pencil in the (screenshot) top of the automated messages window.
  • %LocationPhoneNumber% or %LocationEmailAddress% will allow you to insert your contact info into the messages so that families may excuse an absence or ask questions regarding the notification they received.
  • %LocationName% can be added to the Subject Line to increase deliverability and open rates so that your community knows where the alert is coming from.
  • %ParentFirstName% can be used in the salutation of the automated message in the Message Content.
  • %StudentFirstName% added into the opening line of the Message Content provides clarity on who the alert is about.

Place merge tags into Message Content

When merge tags are strategically placed into the Message Content area of an automated message, data is pulled in from another source to populate into a message, providing personalization and specifics that are relevant to the recipient. 

merge tags in message content area.png

Copy and paste sample automated messages

Here are some samples of attendance alert message content containing merge tags so that you can copy and paste to use in your messages as you get started.

Sample #1 Email

Dear %Parent First Name%,

It appears that %Student First Name% was %Attendance Description% from school on %Attendance Date%.  We would like to help you and your student in any way we can to alleviate this attendance concern.  

We encourage you to call the attendance secretary of %Location Name% at %Location Phone Number% to excuse this absence or to address any questions you may have.  We are eager to help your student in any way we can.

Thank you,

%Location Name% Front Office


Sample #2 Email

Dear %Parent First Name%

Your student %Student First Name% was absent from school on %Attendance Date%

Please call the front office at %Location Phone Number% or email us at %Location Email% to confirm this absence with the front office.

Thank you,

%Location Name% Front Office

Sample #3 SMS

%studentfirstname% %studentlastname% was %attendancedescription% on %attendancedate%. Please contact %locationphonenumber% with questions. (154/160 characters)

Sample #4 Voice

Your student%studentfirstname% was %attendancedescription% on %attendancedate%. Please contact us at %locationphonenumber% with any questions or concerns.


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