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Tag Manager is a utility in the Posts module showing all tags being used, as well as a count of how many posts each tag is connected to. This tool allows you to edit, delete, and merge your tags all in one place. Open up Tags in the left navigation of your Posts module to get started.

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Edit a tag name

Clicking on a tag in the tag list will open the Tag Details panel to the right of each specific tag. The input field under the tag name label shows the current tag name, but can be edited and updated to a new tag name. Tags are not case sensitive and will merge together regardless of capitalization.

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Renaming a tag will change all Posts that this tag is applied to. The admin must confirm that they are aware that renaming the tag is permanent and cannot be undone. When a tag name is updated, the updated name should appear everywhere the tag is used across the site.

Merge separate tags

Merging one or more tags into another tag will update each post where the merged tags are being used. On each post, the merging tags will be removed, and the selected tag will be added if it is not present already. After the merge, the merging tags will be deleted. 

For example:Math 2" and “Math II” are tags in use across several posts in different boards. The admin would like to convert all “Math 2" tags to “Math II", but still leave them on the posts.

  • Admin selects “Math II” from the tags list in the utility.
  • In the right fly-out panel, the Admin selects “Math 2” in the field under the Merge Tags label and clicks the button to Merge with the selected tag.
  • Upon confirmation of the action, on posts where the “Math 2" tag is used:
    • The “Math 2” tag will be removed from the post.
    • The “Math II” tag will be added to the post, unless it is already in use on the post.
  • After the “Math 2” tag has been removed and replaced on all posts, it is then deleted.

Clicking on a tag in the tag list opens the Tag Details panel. The input field under the Merge Tags label allows the admin to choose one or more tags to Merge with selected tags.

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Merging tags will change all posts that the selected tag(s) are applied to. The Merge Tags window requires confirmation that the user is aware this action is permanent and cannot be undone.

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Delete a tag

In each row of listed tags, there is a trash bin icon to allow the deletion of any tag by those with Admin level permission. Deleting a tag will remove it from all posts. This may also remove posts from pages on the site if the element is using the tag as a filter. The admin must confirm that they are aware this action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Grant permissions

manage tags permissions.png

Permission to access and use the utility is granted to admin groups in the Posts module global permissions under the column Manage Tags and can be one of three options:

  • Not Allowed means the admin user will not see the Tags button in the Posts left navigation, and will not be able to access or use the utility.
  • View level allows admins to view the list of all tags in use in the module, as well as the number or "count" of posts they are used on.
  • Admin level is the highest level, adding the ability to rename tags, delete tags, and merge one or more tags into another.


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