rSchool Today integration

Finalsite can integrate with rSchool Today in order to synchronize events, teams, locations, opponents and other athletics data between rSchool and Finalsite’s Athletics Manager module. For more information about this integration, contact your Client Success Manager.

This document explains how the integration is configured, what data can be synchronized, and how that data can be displayed on site pages.

The rSchool integration synchronizes Team data as well as Event data. This synchronization occurs every fifteen minutes. 

Note: There may be a setup and annual fee for this integration that is charged by rSchool. Please reach out to their support team for specific details.

Team synchronization

When the rSchool integration runs, information saved in rSchool is used to create new teams in Finalsite (if they do not already exist), and then populates those teams with event data.

Teams created by rSchool are not identified by a unique ID value, but rather by a specific name generated by combining each team’s sport, gender and activity level (“varsity,” “junior varsity,” etc.) to create a specific name. This means that schools must follow a strict naming convention for their teams in order for the integration to work consistently!

Team data imported from rSchool will not overwrite data set in Athletics Manager. If the data from rSchool conflicts with what’s in Athletics Manager when synchronized, then the Athletics Manager data will be retained and the rSchool data will be discarded.

Individual teams in rSchool can be excluded from synchronization, if desired - just let Finalsite know during the setup process which teams should be skipped.

If you already have teams established in Athletics Manager before configuring the rSchool integration, Finalsite will need to add the rSchool key to those teams - again, this will be handled during the deployment process for the integration.

Note: We are not able to create or update team roster information with the rSchool integration. This can be managed manually in Finalsite and will not be overwritten or otherwise impacted by the sync.

Event synchronization

By default, we will set the sync to pull 6 months forward and 2 months back for athletics events. This can be adjusted to fit your specific needs if needed.

The integration will create and update events based on changes in the data you make in rSchool. It can be configured to exclude certain event types, if desired.

Events marked as “Cancelled” in rSchool will have that status reflected in Finalsite - cancelled events will not be deleted, but rather retained and marked as “Cancelled.” It’s best practice to Cancel events in rSchool rather than deleting them, in order to properly reflect the event status in Athletics Manager.

You have the option of excluding event scoring information from syncing, so that scoring data can be handled entirely within Finalsite.

“Location” (including Address data) and “Opponent” data can be synced from rSchool to Finalsite. This information is compared with what already exists in Athletics Manager; when data in rSchool matches what’s in Finalsite, the two data sets will be linked. If there is no record in Athletics Manager for rSchool data, the integration will create new Location and Opponent records. Again, it’s important to ensure that data in Finalsite matches what’s in rSchool before syncing in order to avoid creating duplicate records.

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