Azure Active Directory integration

Finalsite offers a constituent integration with Azure Active Directory. This integration can be used to create and update users based on data maintained in Azure Active Directory.

Data detail

The Data Mapping Guide contains a full list of supported data fields. As with all of our integrations, we can modify the mapping to best suit your needs.

Additionally, we can support data and schema extensions to pull additional information in the sync.

The integration runs hourly to create and update your users.


To use the integration, you will need to configure an application in Azure Active Directory and provide us with the appropriate access credentials. 

Note: You are required to set an expiration date on the secret that you create for us. We suggest a one-year expiration. We will reach out to you about 1 month before that expiration so that you can create a new secret and provide it to us to avoid interrupting the functionality of the integration.

We utilize groups to target the requests from Azure, which means you should have a group (or groups) that contains the users you want to be synced with Finalsite. We suggest one group per user type (e.g., if you intend to pull students and faculty, we recommend one group for all of your faculty and one for all of your students).


For deployment, you will work with one of our deployment specialists to configure and test the integration. We will assist in configuring the application in Azure, as well as adjusting the mapping to suit your needs. We will test on a clone site so the data can be reviewed and mappings refined before it is deployed on your production site.

Additional information

An additional feature that we offer is a SAML-based authentication option that can be configured to allow constituents and/or admins to log into Finalsite via Azure Active Directory. More information on this option can be found in the article Use an external identity provider.

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