Senior Systems integration

Finalsite offers a data integration utilizing Senior Systems’ Advantage web services.

General overview

Through the integration, the following types of data can be synchronized from Senior Systems to Finalsite:

  • Constituent data

    • Student

    • Parent

    • Faculty

    • Alumni

  • Class and roster data

Data mapping

The linked document shows the details of what fields are available. As with all integrations, the way the data is mapped is largely configurable and can be tailored to suit your school’s specific needs.

Basic contact information is easily mapped. Due to the structure of the data, we can map additional contact information (such as parents' work phone numbers, secondary addresses, etc.), but this requires the data in Senior Systems to be structured consistently so the integration will function as expected.


With a Senior Systems integration, we can also configure authentication with Senior Systems so that users can log into Finalsite using the credentials housed and managed in Senior Systems. This is configurable per role.

With the Authentication configured, you can use “deep links” to land users in various sections of MyBackpack in Senior Systems. A full list of these targets is available from Senior Systems.

These deep links will serve to land the user, authenticated, in MyBackpack from a link in the Finalsite portal.

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