Add personalization to Composer pages

Personalization is a handy way to target information on your site directly to the users who will be interested in it the most. Once you have created segments using the instructions in Create segments for personalization, you can put those segments to work on specific pages on your site.

The first step to personalizing your Composer page is to add a Personalization element to that page. The element is located in the “Layout” section of your elements library. 


The Personalization element consists of a personalization container and a “Personalization Panel” for each segment that you want to target. The first one is inserted by default, and you can add as many additional panels as you need. Click the green “Add Panel” link to add new panels.


Edit the element settings for each panel to select which segment the panel will be shown for, or “No Segment” if the content will be shown to everyone who doesn’t fall into one of your designated segments. The dropdown list will be populated by all the segments you created in the Personalization section.


Next, add elements and content to each panel. Make sure that your content falls within the dotted box for the specific panel, so it only shows up for the designated segment.  

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