Previewing personalization

Once your personalization panels are completed, how can you view what you’ve customized--without changing your own browser settings? This is where the personalization preview option comes in.

First, use the Compose toggle to exit Compose mode. Then, click the pie segment icon on the bottom-left menu to bring up the Personalization Preview settings.


The four options that appear should look familiar to you, from creating your segments. Choose one or more filter options to preview your page as a user with those characteristics would see it.


Upon saving, the Personalization Preview icon will turn blue to remind you that you have personalization filters turned on, and the Composer page will reload with the appropriate content for that potential user.

Note:If your segments overlap and more than one panel would be suitable for a user, the topmost panel that the user is qualified to see will be shown.

To return to the regular Composer view, click the Personalization Preview icon again and choose the “Reset Personalization Options” button. With this, your view will return to normal and you can resume making edits.

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