Add and remove subscribers

Add subscribers

There are three ways to add subscribers to a mailing list: individually, by group, or by list.

Start by navigating to the mailing list you want to edit.

Single subscriber

Click on the “+ Subscriber” button to begin adding users to the list.

Add subscriber button on List

On the window that pops up, start typing the user’s name or email address. Any users who match what you type will begin appearing in the auto-complete list below.

Type user's name or email in field

Click on a single user to select them for addition to the list.

Use the buttons to add the user’s Primary email address (recommended), or a specific alternate email address.

Choose primary or specific email address

Multiple subscribers

Click “Group.” Use the “Select Groups” button to choose one or more groups or roles.

Add subscriber by group

Any users who currently belong to the selected group(s) will be added to the mailing list.

Note: Users are not added to lists until you click the “Add” button on this window.

Enable the "Add as dynamic subscription" checkbox to dynamically update the list as the group's membership changes. The mailing list updates when the group is saved, as well as nightly. New users who join the group will be automatically subscribed to the mailing list, and users who leave the group will be automatically removed.

You can remove a group filter from a list; however, anyone who has unsubscribed from the list will remain as "unsubscribed" so they cannot accidentally be re-added to that list.

Subscriber list

To upload a list of subscribers from a spreadsheet, first format your document. There should be three columns with the following headings: Email, LastName, and FirstName. The spreadsheet should be in a tab-delimited text format, saved as a .txt document. A sample file might look like:

Email LastName FirstName Doe John Doe Jane

Upload the file using the "Upload TXT" button on the top right of the window. Choose your file, then click "Preview" to see what your uploaded list looks like. If you see errors, click "Discard Changes," amend your .txt file, and re-upload it. Otherwise, click "Upload."

If there are any discrepancies in your list, you will see a Verify Upload Results screen. This screen indicates how many records will be added, how many were skipped, and how many duplicates were found. Duplicates are email addresses that already exist in Constituent Manager; you will be asked to choose which record to keep.

All users subscribed by list will be added to Constituent Manager as eNotify subscribers.

Remove a subscriber

When viewing the subscriber list, click the " - " button at the right-hand edge of an address to unsubscribe it. You’ll be asked to confirm the update. The user will remain on the list, but their status label will turn red and they will no longer receive any messages sent to it. Unsubscribed users can be resubscribed by clicking what is now a " + " button to the right of their names.

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