Quick tip: Clone a post

Instead of creating a new post from scratch, it's also possible to clone a post and start from there.

To clone a post, click the "clone" icon next to the Post on the Board screen.


Click "Clone Post" on the confirmation popup, and a copy of the Post will be created on the same Board.

Best practice: You can only clone a post to the same board it was originally located on. However, if you want to clone a Post for a different board, you can move the cloned post using the "move" icon on the post screen.


When you clone a post, the new post URL will have a series of numbers appended to the end to guarantee it is a unique URL. You have the ability to edit this URL to correspond with the content of the new post. If you would like to edit this URL, please keep in mind that Post URLs need to adhere to the same rules as page URLs:

  • Post URLs cannot be empty

  • Post URLs cannot have spaces

  • Post URLs cannot have capital letters

  • Post URLs cannot have special characters other than a “-”

  • Post URLs cannot start with a “-”

Best Practice: If you would like to update BOTH the title AND the post URL for the cloned post, we recommend completely deleting the existing post URL and title first, then entering the Title. This will auto-generate a matching post URL.


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