Customize Messages with merge tags

You can personalize messages to address recipients by name, or to reflect other information (usernames, nicknames, etc.) from a recipient's profile in Constituent Manager.

Troubleshooting: Can I personalize my message with other fields not listed?
Yes. Up to 10 custom fields can be added to Constituent Manager for use with personalization. Please submit a ticket at least one week prior to the tentative send date for assistance with adding these fields and uploading the data.

Messages' "Personalization" options allow you to insert a user's profile data by means of placeholder text. For instance, instead of addressing recipients as "Dear Reader," you could address them by their first name by using the %firstname% placeholder. When your message is sent, Messages will automatically replace the placeholder text with the appropriate data from the user's Constituent Manager profile.

Using the template and message editor, you can insert personalization placeholders into any text element.

Click on the text element to edit it, then click the "Merge tags" button to display the available placeholders.


Note: Subscriber data is drawn from the email address that is associated with the name in Constituent Manager. Public users who do not have site logins can be found in Constituent Manager under the "eNotify Subscribers" role. To change the information for a user, simply update the recipient's profile in Constituent Manager. Subsequent personalized email sent from Messages will automatically pull the updated information.

To test any merge tags you've added, you can use the "Preview As" functionality.

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