PCR Data Integration

Finalsite pulls data from PCR's SOAP based web services. This allows us to create and update constituents and their demographic information and relationships. The integration is also able to create classes and populate their rosters for use in the LMS.

If you are interested in PCR integration with Finalsite, contact your client success manager.  You will also need to contact your PCR account representative to enable access on the PCR side.

Data Summary

The data available in the PCR integration, and default mappings, are available in this data mapping guide.  Finalsite will run the feeds hourly to update based on changes in PCR’s data.

Single Sign-On and Authentication

Finalsite offers a means to establish Single Sign-On links to allow users to pass into PCR without having to re-authenticate.  These links are configured to point at a single target page in PCR, and multiple can be setup. Usernames must be the same for the user in PCR and Finalsite.

We can also enable PCR authentication (per role) so that users can authenticate into Finalsite via credentials managed in PCR.

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