Wonde integration

Finalsite offers a data integration with Wonde, a tool used to centralize data from a variety of systems to allow that data to be synchronized across various platforms that a school utilizes. This is the primary means of integration for the following common MIS systems:

  • iSAMS
  • SIMS
  • WCBS

A full list of supported MIS systems can be found on Wonde’s website.

Wonde can be used to create and update faculty/staff, student, and contact records in Finalsite, including contact details, demographic information, and relationship information.

Deployment process


In order to begin configuring the Wonde integration, we will need to establish access to your school’s data. This is done by requesting access to the data from Wonde.

If your school is already utilizing Wonde: We will request access, and your Wonde administrator will be able to approve that access in the Wonde administrative panel. That’s it!

If your school is not presently using Wonde: We will provide Wonde with your school’s information and the primary contact. They will work with you to set up Wonde appropriately within your MIS system, free of charge. Once they have implemented Wonde and completed the data audit (which typically takes just a few days), we will request access to your data, and it can be approved by your Wonde administrator.

Configuration and customization

Once we have access to your data via Wonde, a deployment specialist will set up a clone site so that we can ensure the data is coming through to Finalsite as desired without impacting your live site. Any mapping modifications can be worked through at this point. A summary of our default data mapping can be found in this document. As with all integrations, the data mapping is very flexible, so we can ensure the data is working correctly for your needs.

Live deployment

Once the integration is configured to your requirements, your deployment specialist will set the integration up on the live site. If you have existing constituents, there may need to be some data cleanup and/or rekeying of that data. Your deployment specialist will work with you on that process specific to your site.

After the integration is live, your deployment specialist will provide you with a data-mapping guide for your records so that you and your staff can be aware of the expected behaviors.

The sync will run hourly.

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