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Posts offers the ability to take certain actions on your boards in bulk, including expiring posts, moving posts to a different board, and deleting posts.

To access these features, go to the three-dot More Action menu for the board where you want to change the posts and click on Bulk Post Actions.

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Select the toggle for the action you want to take.

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Expire posts

The Expire Posts action affects all posts on a board that do not already have an expiration date set. Choose the date and time from the field below that you want the posts to expire. 

This is helpful for the end of a school year, if you want to start with a clean board but still have all the previous year's posts available to reuse for the next school year. If you do not want the posts to remain on the board at all, you can choose the delete option instead.

Move posts and subscribers

This action allows you to move all posts on a board to another board. Select the destination board where you would like the posts to live.

Anyone who has subscribed to the original board will have their subscription moved to the new board instead. If you do not want the subscribers to be moved, it's a good idea to go to the Subscriptions area and select Unsubscribe All first. 

This feature makes reorganizing in Posts much easier. In one step, you can combine two boards into one, without losing any subscriber data. 

Delete and access deleted posts

Select Delete Posts to remove all posts from a board. All deleted posts will remain in the Deleted Boards tab in the left navigation of your Posts module. Read more about how to access and restore deleted Posts and Boards in the article, "Restore posts and boards in the Posts module."

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