Raiser’s Edge NXT integration

Finalsite now offers an integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT, built using the SKY API offered by Blackbaud. The integration will create and update users in Finalsite that are sourced from the Raiser’s Edge NXT system. This will sync hourly, and it offers features and functionality to tie into Finalsite's Messages and Workflows modules.

This integration is primarily geared towards supporting integration of alumni data. While we are able to pull other types of constituents from Raiser's Edge, we do not set relationships between users at this time.

Data mapping

The data mapping for the integration is detailed here. We make some default mapping decisions, but the integration is highly customizable based on your specific needs. We’ll also work with you to ensure we filter the results appropriately so we are targeting only the appropriate constituents in the integration.

Deployment information

Configuring access in NXT

To gain access to your data, we’ll need you to set up an application in Raiser’s Edge NXT. The process for adding this application is documented by Blackbaud.

Your deployment specialist will provide you with the ID of the application during the setup process. Once the application is added in your instance of NXT, we will provide you with a link that can be used to grant consent for the application so we can begin accessing your data. The consent needs to be granted by an administrator in Raiser’s Edge who has access to the constituent data that the integration will be targeting.

Once consent is granted, we will have the necessary access to begin configuring, testing, and eventually deploying the integration.

The integration will initially be configured on a clone site so that we can ensure the data is mapped in properly and functioning as desired before deploying to the live site. If you have existing data in Finalsite, there may need to be some work to rekey or otherwise clean the data up prior to live deployment. Your deployment specialist will discuss that process to ensure the necessary work is planned and executed as prudent for your site.


As there is data in Raiser’s Edge that you may not want synchronized with Finalsite, we utilize the “Constituent Code” in Raiser’s Edge to target the appropriate constituents to pull in the feed. These codes (which are unique per Raiser’s Edge instance) need to be configured and utilized appropriately in NXT to ensure the sync works as expected.

We are also able to filter on a list_id. This can be useful for more specifically controlling which users are pulled into Finalsite. For instance, you may be integrating your parent, student, and faculty data from another data source and would prefer to not have that data impacted by what you are pulling from Raiser's Edge. Utilizing a list in Raiser's Edge that excludes these users can handle such a situation.


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