FACTS integration

Finalsite offers a data integration with FACTS student information system. The integration serves to populate and update constituent data and class/roster data in Finalsite. The integration will run hourly with a nightly full refresh.

The integration can populate data from the following roles in FACTS:

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Students (and relationships)
  • Parents (and relationships)
  • Pre-enrolled Students (and relationships)
  • Pre-enrolled Parents (and relationships)
  • Households

Additionally, a classes and roster feed can be configured which will also update hourly. This can be used to create groups for use in Finalsite Learn or for use as filters in Messages/eNotify.

A list of the available data points and our default mapping can be viewed here.

Additionally, we offer an option to authenticate via FACTS that can function as a means to allow users to log into Finalsite and pass into FACTS without a second challenge for credentials HOWEVER, this is not compatible with FACTS SIS. There is not an SSO option for Faculty at all.

Users who are “off the feed” can be managed using the Off Feed Utility which is described in this article: https://www.finalsitesupport.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037641311-Off-Feed-Utility-Beta 

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