CIAC Athletics Integration

The Finalsite-CIAC integration serves to populate data in Finalsite’s Athletics Manager extracted from the CIAC system. This includes team and event data.

The full set of available data points and how they are mapped are detailed in this document. The mapping is customizable, so data can be removed or added during your deployment or via a Support request after deployment.

Date ranges

The range of events is customizable, although we recommend pulling 1 month back and 4-6 months forward. As a best practice, you shouldn’t pull further into the future than your events are “set in stone,” to avoid exposing tentative events to users.

Sync frequency

The CIAC sync runs every 15 minutes to update events on the site.

Cancelled/deleted events

It is best practice to only pull in “finalized” events. Cancelled Events are reflected via the sync. Events that are deleted from CIAC but have already been pulled into Finalsite will not delete automatically.
To assist in deleting events, Finalsite offers a utility to identify and delete events that are not longer "on the feed". Details of this tool can be found here: Off-Feed Utility.

Team matching

Teams are matched based on the combination of sport, season, and gamelevel sport defined for the team in CIAC. If these values change in CIAC, it will result in a new team being created in Finalsite, so it is important to keep those consistent. If you need to alter those values, please coordinate with the Finalsite Support team to ensure things are properly cleaned up after the switch so you don’t have duplication in the teams.

Event types

The sync is able to target the following event types: Scrimmage, Game, Postseason or Practice. If you wish to exclude any of these event types, that can be configured during your deployment or afterwards via a support request.


Locations and opponents are created and matched based on the name. If an exact match exists in Finalsite, that location/opponent will be associated with the event. If not, a new one will be created. For best results, be sure that all references to a specific location or opponent are consistently named in CIAC.

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