Creating a HAR file for Support Troubleshooting

Our Support Team may ask you to generate a HAR file if we're having difficulty reproducing an issue on our end. A HAR file is special file format that contains data about the HTTP requests made during a recorded session.

If you are able to create a HAR file that records request data while recreating specific behavior, this may give us important clues that lead to quicker problem resolution.

It's important to know that HAR files can contain sensitive data; including cookies and all data submitted to your browser while recording.


  1. Navigate to the page or location where you are able to reproduce the behavior you're being asked about
  2. Right-Click on the page and click "Inspect"
  3. In the panel that opens, click the "Network" pane
  4. Be sure the "Record" option is enabled
  5. Click the "Clear" button to remove any existing logs
  6. Reload the page or recreate the behavior being investigated
  7. Click the "Export Har" button and attach the downloaded file to your ticket.


Video walkthrough

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