File Manager vs. Resources guide

Now that you've seen all the improvements that Resources has to offer, you're probably ready to kick File Manager to the curb. But wait! Resources is not yet compatible with some of our older modules, due to the different platform they were developed on, so they still use File Manager to add/upload files.

Resources modules

The following modules are compatible with Resources:

  • Composer, including pages and banners*

  • Forms

  • Messages

  • Mobile App

  • Page Pops*

  • Posts*

* These modules support Backwards Compatibility Mode, which allows you to select images from either Resources or File Manager, reducing the need to keep files in both places. Contact Support to turn this feature on for your site.

File Manager modules

The following modules still require File Manager: 

  • Athletics Manager

  • Calendar Manager

  • Constituent Manager, including directory photos

  • Forms Manager

  • Multimedia Manager

  • News Manager

  • Registration Manager

Rule of thumb: If the module opens in a new window, it requires File Manager!

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