Set up shipping in your store

Regardless of which shipping options you choose, you should first go through the initial shipping setup.

Step 1: Mark products as shippable and enter specifications

For any products you are going to ship, enable “This Product Requires Shipping or Pickup” on the “Shipping & Pickup” tab of the product page and specify the product’s weight and dimensions.

Step 2: Specify your shipping origin

If you use live shipping rates, integrated carriers use the Shipping Origin address when calculating shipping rates in real time. Shipping origin is automatically set as the address that you indicated during store setup. 

If you are shipping products from another location, specify that address as your shipping origin to receive precise shipping quotes from the carrier enabled in your store.

To edit the Shipping Origin address:

  1. From your store admin, go to “Shipping & Pickup.”

  2. Under the Settings section, find the “Shipping Origin” block.

  3. Click “Change Address.”

  4. Select “I ship orders from a warehouse or another location” and edit the address.

  5. Click “Submit.”

Step 3: Set up destination zones

Destination zones are the areas where you will ship products. You can offer different shipping methods for customers from different zones. For example, you may ship via USPS within the continental United States and ship via FedEx to Hawaii. See Limit local delivery to certain zones for detailed instructions on how to create destination zones.

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