Limit local delivery to certain zones

When you set up local delivery, you will need to specify your delivery zone, that is, how far you will travel to deliver orders. If a customer’s address is not within the designated area, they won't be able to place orders with this delivery option.

To specify your local delivery area:

  1. From your store admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.

  2. Click the delivery option you want to edit or set up a new delivery option.

  3. Click on "Set delivery zone‍." Here, you can set up the local area where you deliver by drawing a zone on a map or by entering specific ZIP/postal codes.

Zone on map

To define a zone on a map, select the radio button for "Limit by zone on map" and click the "Create Zone" button. Drag the circles to resize the green shape and select the area where you deliver. Right-click on the zone to see how far you will deliver (in miles).

If you want to offer the same delivery fee for several areas but exclude some addresses, you can click "+ Add new zone" and add more zones on the same map so that your excluded addresses are not within any zone.

If you want to charge different rates for different delivery zones, you can create several delivery options, each with its own fee and zone.

ZIP/postal codes (advanced settings)

Alternatively, you can define your local zone using ZIP/postal codes. Select the "Advanced settings" radio button, then click "Create new zone."

On the "Destination Zones" page, click "+ Add New Zone," and narrow your zone: Select your country and state and enter the postal codes of your city areas where you deliver, one code per row.

Note: To keep a list compact, you can use wild card symbols. Insert "?" to replace any character, "*" to replace any number of characters (including zero), and "_" to replace any number of spaces (at least one).

If you need to add all ZIP codes in an area except a few, you can list the codes you don’t want to be in the zone as exclusions. To do that, start a line with "^" and enter the code or code pattern. Addresses will fall into this zone only if they don’t match these ZIP/Postal codes.

Click "Save" to finalize your new zone, then "Back" to return to the delivery settings. Here, you can select your new zone from the dropdown list. 

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