Offer customers local delivery

In addition to local self-pickup, you can offer local delivery to nearby customers. You can make it free or charge a delivery fee, as well as offer it for orders exceeding a certain amount or placed on certain days and times.

To specify your local area, you can use ZIP/postal codes or draw a zone on a map if you serve customers in an area that is smaller than what a ZIP code covers or in case you deliver only within some radius.

If you have different delivery rates, you can set up several local delivery options, each with its own fee and delivery area.

Setting up local delivery

To set up local delivery in your online store:

  1. Go to Shipping & Pickup.

  2. At the “Local Delivery” box, click “+ Add Delivery.”

  3. Select one of the following options:

    • Free delivery: Choose this option if you want to offer free delivery to your local customers.

    • Conditional free delivery: Choose this option if you want to offer free delivery only to those local customers whose orders exceed a certain amount, such as orders over $100.

    • Flat rate: Choose this option if you want to charge a fixed sum for delivering orders to your local customers.

    • Custom rates: Use this option if you need to charge different delivery fees for orders within certain weight or subtotal ranges.

  4. To limit the area where you deliver with this rate and terms, click “Set delivery zone” and set up your delivery zone.

  5. To offer this delivery option only for orders over a certain sum, click “Limit availability by order subtotal” and specify the minimum order subtotal.

  6. To prevent customers from placing orders with this delivery option at certain times (for example, at nights or during weekends), turn on the “Set operating hours” setting and customize the times for this method.

    Or, to prevent customers from ordering at any time, choose “Blocked” in the “Order outside of operating hours” dropdown menu.

  7. To allow customers to choose delivery time at checkout, turn on the “Ask for delivery date and time at checkout” setting and customize the delivery time settings to your needs. Turn this option off if you don’t want your customers to choose the date or time for the delivery.

  8. Click “Add description for customers” and describe this delivery option — customers will see this information at checkout. 

  9. Click “Save & Finish.”

Now, customers that live within the specified area will be able to select local delivery when they check out.

When you are ready to deliver a purchase to a customer, you can mark their order as “Out for Delivery” so they receive an email notification about it. Once products are received by the customer, change the order status to “Delivered” for your internal records.

Adding delivery time picker at checkout

You can enable date and time picker at checkout for your customers, allowing them to choose convenient delivery time from the calendar without contacting you for details. Giving your shoppers an option to choose date and time for delivery makes their customer journey more comfortable and helps you better manage your store. 

To enable date and time picker for your customers at checkout:

  1. Go to Shipping & Pickup and choose the delivery option you want to edit or create a new one.

  2. Turn on "Ask for delivery date and time at checkout."

  3. Choose "Ask for date only option" to limit delivery time choice for buyers by date only. Choose "Ask for date and time slot" if you want your customers to choose the date and time of delivery according to your operating hours/

    If you haven’t specified the delivery hours in the "Set operating hours" card, your customers will be able to pick any days of the week and hours in the delivery time picker at checkout.

  4. If you picked "Ask for date and time slot" option, you need to specify delivery time slot lengths. It allows you to set the precision for the delivery time on checkout. The time slot is set up for 1 hour by default. You can pick another time slot in the dropdown menu if you deliver faster or longer than that.

  5. Turn on the "Same-day delivery" setting to let your clients choose delivery on the same day they place the order. Leave it disabled if you don’t want to rush or need time to plan the delivery route.

    You can customize the latest time for same-day delivery in the "Cutoff for same-day delivery" field. 

  6. Select the convenient "Order Fulfillment Time." Fulfillment time is the average time from an order placement to its delivery to the customer. Specify the time it takes you to prepare an order for delivery, plus your average delivery time. You can choose minutes, hours, or business days in the dropdown menu for "Ask for date and time slot." For the "Ask for date only" option, you can choose days.

    Order Fulfillment Time is taken into account when offering delivery time picker at checkout. If you are ready to hand in the order the same moment it’s placed, leave this field empty.

  7. Click Save & Finish.

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