Customize shipping options for specific products

Some products in your catalog may not fit into the general shipping calculation you set up on your Shipping & Pickup page. For instance, products that require special packaging may cost more to ship. In that case, you can set up individual shipping rates or specify shipping methods for any item in your store to charge your customers with the specific rate instead of your regular shipping fees.

For every product in your store, you can use standard shipping options with a fixed fee, specify shipping methods, or offer free shipping. For digital products and services that do not require shipping, you can disable that option.

Using your store’s shipping methods with a fixed fee

Your store’s shipping methods, or global rates, are automatically assigned to every new product in your store. You can add a fixed fee to the global rate of any product if this particular item requires specific fees or delivery. That way, you can cover extra shipping costs.

For instance, if you sell fragile items, you may want to use a special package to ship items safely. In that case, you can add $2.99 as a fixed fee per item. This $2.99 will be added to the basic shipping cost calculated according to the general shipping settings. Your customers won't see any "extra fees" at the checkout, just the final sum for the shipping that includes your fixed fee per item.

To add a fixed fee to your basic shipping costs:

  1. Go to Catalog > Products.

  2. Click on a product that requires a fixed fee.

  3. On the product details page, switch to the "Shipping & Pickup" tab.

  4. Select "Use your store’s shipping methods."

  5. Click "Add fixed fee per item" and type the fee you want to add.

  6. Click Save.

Specifying shipping methods for a product

If you set up two or more shipping methods in your store, you can enable or disable any method for a particular product. 

To specify shipping method for a product:

  1. Go to Catalog > Products.

  2. Click on a product you want to edit.

  3. On the product details page, go to the "Shipping & Pickup" tab.

  4. Select "Specify shipping method for this product."

  5. To enable particular shipping methods to a product, click "Enable specific methods" and select methods from the list. 

    Similarly, if you want to disable any shipping method for a product, click "Disable specific method" and select methods from the list. Your customers won’t see the shipping methods you disabled at the checkout.

  6. Click Save.

If a customer’s shopping bag has items with conflicting shipping methods, your store will show a warning for the customer to split their order at checkout.

Offering free shipping per product

You can set free shipping for every item in your store. In that case any quantity of a product will be shipped free of charge. For instance, you can offer free shipping for expensive products in your store to encourage customers to buy high-priced items. Essentially, it means that you will pay for shipping instead of a buyer.

In case you want to offer free shipping on all items in your catalog, you can create a global Free Shipping method instead of using a product-specific free shipping method.

To offer free shipping per item:

  1. Go to Catalog > Products.

  2. Click on a product that requires a fixed rate.

  3. On the product details page, go to the "Shipping & Pickup" tab.

  4. Select "Free shipping."

  5. Click Save.

Changes will be saved automatically.

You can highlight free-shipping products with product ribbons — colored horizontal labels that are displayed on product listings thumbnails and product details pages in your store. Or you can add product subtitles, short text that is displayed on the product list and the product details page.

Disabling shipping for digital items or services

To disable shipping for digital items or services, which obviously won’t need physical delivery, untick the "Requires shipping or pickup" toggle for your item on its details page and save the changes. After that, the shipping address form will be removed from checkout when the cart contains only a digital product.

To also remove the billing address form from your store checkout, disable “Ask for a billing address during checkout” in Settings > General > Cart & Checkout.


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