Post Tools element

The Post Tools element provides added functionality to the Post element, allowing users to filter, navigate, and search posts.

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Element Settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Post Tools element includes the following configuration options.

  • Link To: The Post Tools element must be linked to an applicable Post element on the same page in order to function. Choose the desired element from the dropdown list of available elements on the page.

    Note: Once a Post Tools element has been linked to a Post element, the Post element can no longer be deleted. Unlink or delete the Post Tools element first in order to delete the Post element.

  • Category Filter: The Category Filter format will display a list of categories in each of the boards to allow users to only display posts from one category at a time.

  • Navigation: The Navigation format can be paired with a Single Post element to move between posts.

  • Search: The Search format offers a keyword and/or date range search to display only posts that meet the search criteria.

  • Tag Filter: The Tag Filter format will display a list of tags to allow users to only display posts from one tag at a time.

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