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The Post Tools element provides added functionality to the Post element, allowing users to filter, navigate, and search posts.

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Add a Post Tools element

Navigate to your Element Library > Module tab to locate a Post Tools element to place onto your Composer page. 

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Choose your format

Each Post Tools element has four different formats which provide variety in layout and functionality for you to display alongside posts on your Composer pages: Category Filter, Navigation, Search, and Tag Filter

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Category Filter 

The Category Filter format allows readers to only display posts that use the selected category in the corresponding linked post element. 

category filter screenshot.png


The Navigation format is used with a Single Post element, allowing the reader to navigate to the Next or Previous story on the board with the corresponding linked element. 

navigation element.png


The Search format offers a keyword and/or date range search to display only posts that meet the search criteria. The posts displayed in the corresponding linked post element will be searched.

post tools search format.png

Tag Filter 

The Tag Filter format will display a list of tags to allow readers to only display posts that use the selected tag in the corresponding linked post element. 


Configure your Post Tools element settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Post Tools element includes the following configuration options. 

Best Practice: Rename your Post elements!

To avoid any confusion in the below linking together of a Post element with a Post Tools element, it is a best practice to rename the Post element something unique and easily identifiable. Then when expanding out the Choose Element dropdown under the Link To settings, you can be assured that you are connecting the right elements together.

renamed post.png

  • Category Filter > Link To: Filter posts by category in the Post element requires you to link this Post Tools element to an applicable Post element on the same page in order to function. Choose the desired element from the dropdown list of available elements on the page.

Important Note

Once a Post Tools element has been linked to a Post element, the Post element can no longer be deleted. Unlink or delete the Post Tools element first in order to delete the Post element.

  • Navigation > Link To: The Navigation format must be paired with a Single Post element to move between posts. Select the Element

  • Search > General: The Search format offers radio buttons where you can set the search methods visitors can use.

    • Keyword and Date Range

    • Only Keyword

    • Only Date Range 
  • Search > Link To: This is where you select the Post element that will be searched by this Post Tools element.
  • Tag Filter > Link To: The Tag Filter format will display a list of tags to allow users to only display posts from one tag at a time.

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