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Athletics Event element overview

The Athletics Event element displays upcoming sporting events from Athletics Manager. The options and settings in the element determine exactly which events are displayed.


For more information about using the Athletics Event element, refer to Create athletics team pages.

Element Settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Athletics Event element includes the following configuration options.

Format Options

Use the buttons at the top of the element settings to switch between "List" format, "Table" format, and "Event" format, 

List and Table formats display a specified number of events, pulling from a time frame that you set using the element controls. Event format displays only a single event - the current or next upcoming event on the athletic calendar.

General Settings

Filters are how you select which team(s) appear in the element. You can add multiple filters in order to refine the displayed event(s).

The available filters are:

  • Advantages: For any given event, the team playing at home has “advantage.”

  • Divisions: Divisions refers to the level of play, such as intramural/junior varsity/varsity.

  • Genders: Use this filter to display girls’, boys’, or coed teams.

  • Schools: If your teams in Athletics Manager are classified by school, this filter will allow you to display one or more schools in the element.

  • Seasons: Filter the list by Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer sports.

  • Sports: Select a specific sport to include; the list will show all teams playing that sport in any division.

  • Teams: Select a specific team.

  • Types: Include only events of a specific type, as set in Athletics Manager (standard, tournament, practice, or scrimmage).

  • Results: The Results filter will set the event list to show either events with or without results.

The element will include all the events that match the filter criteria that you set (or the next occurring one, in the case of the Event format). You can set more than one filter; if you do this, the element will only display events that meet the criteria of every filter.

For example, if you create an "Advantage: Home" filter AND a "Sport: Soccer" filter, then the element will only display soccer games that are happening at your school.

Content Filters

  • Display [X] items from [Y]: Use these controls to configure the date range that this element in the List or Table format will cover. There are several options for how the time span is set up.

    • Most recent: Display the most recent events, regardless of date.
    • Current Month/Current Week: Use these settings to restrict the element to only showing events from the current month or week. The element display will refresh on the first of the month, or on Sunday, respectively.

    • Current Event Year: This option will display events from the event year, as set in Athletics Manager. With this setting, you also have a checkbox to “Display Event Year Dropdown” and allow users to view events from previous seasons.

    • Within a Date Range: Set an absolute span of dates for the element to cover, using the calendar picker controls.

    • Within a Day Range: Set the number of days in the past and the number of days into the future the element will cover, relative to the current date.

  • Set whether the first event displayed in a List or Table format is the most recent event or the event furthest in the past (within the specified date range).

Content Details

The content details in a List- or Table-format element allow you to choose what details about each event will be displayed within the element.

These are:

  • Team Name

  • Team School

  • Opponent

  • Date

  • Time

  • Advantage

  • Event Type

  • Location

  • Team Icons

  • Dismissal time

  • Departure time

  • Return time

  • Pickup time

  • Status

  • Result

  • Recap

  • Score

  • [Read More] Link (List only) or Details link (Table only)

Slightly different options are available in the Event format’s “Event Details” settings.


  • Link titles to event details: (List only) The team name will be a link to the details of the event in list view. Where the details open is set in the "Link To" section below.
  • Link to event recap: A link to the recap of the event will be added to the event. Where the recap opens is set in the "Link To" section below.

  • Team Alert and Feed Icons: For each team displayed in the List or Table format element, these icons provide links to subscribe to an iCal feed or sign up for event alerts.

  • Event Alert Icons: Users can sign up for email or text alerts to remind them of the event or notify them if the event changes.

  • Display option to [Load More]: Using this option, you can provide your users with the ability to load more events in a List or Table format. This way, you can maintain low page load times because you are not requesting an entire season of events, while still allowing your users to see them all.


  • Date Format: Set the visual style for event dates.

  • Date Separator: Configure the character used to separate day, month, and year digits when dates are displayed numerically.

  • Time Format: Set the format for displaying the start time of each event.


  • Ignore URL Parameters: When selected, the page that this element is on will always retain its own title and page metadata for tracking purposes. If you are tracking visits to the site by users who are interested in specific teams, leave this checkbox unselected. This way, your statistics tracking will show this page appearing once for each visit for each specific team rather than showing all of the visits for all teams collectively.

Link To

  • Popup: Open Athletic Event List or Table details in a popup window.

  • Page: Open Athletic Event List or Table details in a new page that you select. Whatever page you select must already be saved with an Athletic Event (Event) element on it before it can be selected.

  • Element: Open Athletic Event List or Table details in a separate Athletic Event (Event) element on the same page. This setup would mean that the element is used by site visitors to select which team's information is displayed in the second Athletic Event (Event) element.

Troubleshooting: Events aren’t showing for a specific sport.

  • Are there events scheduled for the sport in Athletics Manager?

  • Is that sport selected to be shown in the Athletics Event element? Check the element settings to make sure that sport is selected on the filter.

  • Check the Content Filters section in the element settings. The display may not be set to show enough events in the time frame for that sport.

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