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The Forms element can be added to a page so that you can display a form that is created in the Forms module directly onto your page. Forms can be beautifully displayed full width in a column or even off in a left or right column to be available without taking over the page.

Open up your Element Library on a Composer page. Go to the Module tab and select Forms to place a Forms element onto your page. 

forms element in module elements.png

In addition to the common element settings, the Forms element has the following configuration options.

Forms element settings

Click either Please Select a Form or the element settings gear to adjust the settings. 

forms element settings.png

Form dropdown: Select the form you want to display on the page. The dropdown menu is populated with forms that were created in the Forms module.

Important Note

Only forms with the Active status will be displayed in the dropdown. If your form isn't showing, be sure you have set your form to Active.

Override Page Title and SEO Metadata: Check this box when you are Setting a form landing page that your forms will open up onto. A form landing page allows your site's styling to be applied to the form whenever you share the direct URL with others. This will dynamically display the form's title based on the form's direct URL. 

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