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Messages allows you to create beautiful templates to send slick newsletters and professional-quality marketing communications, but you can also use it to compose a simple message without using the full-featured Advanced editor. 

Send a simple message

To compose and send a simple message, click the Create Message button as normal and give your message an internal name. Then, on the Email tab of the Message Details screen, select the toggle for Simple on the right side. A simple text editor will appear to enter your message content.

simple template.png

Use the Preview Message icon to see what the message will look like when it is sent. 

The rest of the message details can also be configured as normal. 

Customize your simple template

The message is automatically inserted into your site's Simple Template to send. 

simple template view.png

You can customize this template in Messages > Templates > System > Simple Template to swap out the default Finalsite logo for your organization’s logo and change the background color of the header to a complementary color. Note that this template will be used for all simple emails, so it is best to keep the logo as general as possible. 

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