Special links in templates

In Messages, there are special links that allow you to convert text into an unsubscribe link, a password reset link, or a "View in Browser" link. Having these options in the editor makes it possible for you to format these links any way that you would like. 

Special Links Dropdown in the Messages text editor.

Unsubscribe link

In order to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and other regulations, any marketing messages need to include an unsubscribe link. While Messages will add a standard unsubscribe link to any message, you can control the font and size of your message's unsubscribe link using this feature. Simply add any text to a text box, highlight the desired text, and select Special Links > Unsubscribe Link. This way, when the system checks for the unsubscribe link upon send, it will not add our standard one at the bottom of your message.

Password reset link

The password reset link can be sent to portal users to reset their account password. The special link is used to edit the text of your password reset link. Add text to the text box, then highlight the text where you want the users to click. Select the "Special Links" dropdown and click "Password reset link." When the user receives the message, they will be pointed to a password reset page on click. 

View in Browser link

Occasionally, an email provider shortens an email that is too large, a process called clipping. If you have a particularly long message containing many photos, you might consider including a "View in Browser" link at the top of your message so that, if it does get clipped, your users can open a non-personalized view of the message in their browser. As with the other special links, enter text into a text box, highlight that text, and select Special Links > View in Browser Link

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