Issue elements

The Issue element is an element working dynamically with the Publications module to showcase periodic content on your website. A publication is a group of posts that are linked together with a common visual style and released on a common schedule. 

Posts Publications use an organizing principle that's familiar to print publishers: Every Publication is divided into "Volumes," each of which contains a series of "Issues."

The Issue element is used when adding publications onto a Composer page. Its purpose is to define the date range for the posts that will be displayed on the page. To insert an Issue element onto a Composer page, open the Element Library and click on the Issue button in the Module tab elements menu.

Issue element in module elements tab of element library.png

Issue element settings

Customize the way your Issues will display on the page by opening up the Issue element settings. 

issue element settings.png

Format: Choose from List, Grid, Slideshow, Dropdown, or Single when choosing the way your Issues will display in the element on the Composer page.

Content Filters: In the dropdown beneath "Display issues from the publication/volume," select those you'd like to display in this element.

Content Details: Select the box next to the items you'd like to appear on the page: Volume, Name, Subtitle, Description, Start Date, Publish Date, and Thumbnail.

Controls: Click to display the option to Load More posts for visitors.

Formatting: Options for total number of posts displaying, which date format, and the size and location of the Page Thumbnail. 

Link To: Choose to link this element together with another element on the same page or another page in Composer, as well as the ability to control the date range and filter the display of the Post and Single Issue elements.

Design: Provides extra space in Header and Footer Content areas surrounding this particular element.

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