Messages element

The Messages element allows you to set up a repository of past messages for users to refer back to at a later date.

Element Settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Messages element includes the following configuration options.

Messages element settings screen with all options expanded

Content Filters

  • Display Important Announcement Messages for: Select one or more groups that will be able to see Important Announcement messages in this element. These messages will only be shown to authenticated (signed-in) users who were originally sent the message.

  • Display Messages from Lists: Choose to display messages from one or more List in this element.

  • That also belong to: Select “All Tags” to display all messages sent to the selected List(s), or “Specific Tags” to show only messages with a particular tag or tags that were sent to the List. Begin typing the tag name in the “Search Tags” field that appears, then select it from the list to attach it to the element.

Content Details

Choose to display any of the following elements of the message as part of the list:

  • Subject

  • From Label

  • Reply-To Address

  • Sent Date

  • Sent Time


  • Display Option to [Load More]: Give users the option to load more messages outside of the range displayed at first. You can customize the text that appears on this link.

  • Display subscribe icon: Users can select a mailing list to subscribe to using the bell icon that is shown when this checkbox is enabled.


  • Display [X] items from: Enter a number of messages to display and choose to display the most recent messages, messages from the current month or week, or messages from a specific day range or date range.

  • Date Format: Set the format for displaying dates.

  • Date Separator: Configure the character used to separate day, month, and year digits when dates are displayed numerically.

  • Time Format: Set the format for displaying the start time of each event.

  • Order by date: Select whether to display the oldest (ascending) or the newest (descending) messages first.

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