Getting started with Workflows

Workflows allows site admins to set up a series of messages to automatically send to constituents over an extended period of time. Add complexity to the workflow by adding a branch based on whether the constituent opened or clicked on a link in the previous message.

Step 1: Compose your messages

In order to create a workflow, you must have messages to send with it. Composing a workflow message is just like composing a regular message, and it even takes place within Messages. Find out more in Compose a workflow message.

Step 2: Design your workflow

A workflow is built out of messages and branches. Select your goal and your entry trigger, then add steps to create a path--or multiple branching paths--for the subscriber to follow. Refer to Build a workflow for more information.

Step 3: Add subscribers

Subscribers may be added by group membership based on an Automatic Entry Trigger, or you may want to add subscribers manually, by individual or by group. More details about this process are available in our Subscribe users to workflow article.

Step 4: Review activity

Once your workflow is active, you can see subscriber activity on the Stats and Activity tabs. Find out who has gone down which path, who is subscribed and unsubscribed, and more in these sections. See Monitor workflow activity for more.

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