Compose a workflow message

Workflows is built around the messages you want to send. Before you build a workflow or add subscribers, compose the messages that you intend to include in your workflow.

In Messages, go to the “Workflow Messages” tab and click the “+ Workflow Message” button in the top-right corner to start a new message. You can use any of your existing Messages templates as a starting point.

Composing a workflow message works just like a regular message. Refer to Create a new message for more details on this process. Make any changes in the message editor, then proceed to the Message Details screen.

Unlike regular messages, the Message Details screen does not include a selection for type of message or sending information. It is not possible to send an administrative message through Workflows, and the sending information will be determined by the workflow subscribers.

Best practice: Use the internal name field to name your messages according to which workflow(s) they are part of, to make it easier to find when you’re building the workflow.

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