Subscribe users to a workflow

Once the workflow you have created is activated, any members of the group(s) selected with the “Automatic” entry trigger will be subscribed immediately. If the workflow uses a “Static” entry trigger, or you would like to add additional constituents who aren’t in the automatic group(s), you can manually add them using the “+” icon that appears on the bottom-right corner of the entry trigger box. Note: To use a static trigger the workflow must be active, using the toggle in the upper right hand corner, for the + button to turn green and allow for uploads.

Using the static entry trigger, there are four ways to add subscribers: by constituent, by group, by contact, or by upload.

  • To add a single subscriber from Constituent Manager, search for a constituent in the field on the "Constituent" tab, and select their name from the list.

  • You can add multiple constituent subscribers simultaneously by using the "Group" tab and selecting a group or groups to subscribe.

    Note: Subscribing a group in this manner does not continually add subscribers as the group membership changes. If you’d like the workflow subscriptions to automatically update as new group members are added, select the “Automatic” entry trigger in your workflow.

    Use the "Additional Filters" to select whether to add all members of the group, or only members whose accounts were updated within a date range you select. If, for example, you uploaded a large group of new parents and want to subscribe only those parents to a workflow, select "Account Last Updated" and set the date range to when the accounts were uploaded.

  • Add up to 10 contacts at a time by entering their email address and name information on the "Contact" tab.

  • For more than 10 contacts who aren't in Constituent Manager, use the "Upload" tab to upload a tab-delimited text file with the contacts' email addresses and names.

For each of these methods, click "Add" to add them to the workflow. Adding a subscriber acts as the “entry trigger” for the workflow, and the first message will be sent according to the timetable you have configured.

To see how the subscriber is progressing through the workflow, check the Activity tab.

Remove a subscriber

To remove a subscriber, go to the “Activity” view of the workflow and hover over any entry for that subscriber. Click the “-” icon to remove the subscriber from the workflow. Users will also be able to unsubscribe themselves from the particular workflow using the link in any of the messages.

Note: To prevent duplicate sends of workflow messages, once a subscriber has been removed from the workflow, they cannot be added back in.

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