Set goals for workflows and view results

Workflow goals allow site admins to establish a completion goal for each workflow that automatically marks users as having completed the workflow once they’ve reached the goal. For example, in an “Inquiry to Applicant” workflow, a user can be marked once they submit an application on your website.

Demonstrating goal completion is managed through group membership. For the above example, you would have an “Inquiry” group, and an “Applicant” group. The Inquiry group would serve as the Automatic entry trigger for the workflow, and the Applicant group would function as the goal. When someone submits the inquiry form, you’d add them to Constituent Manager and add them to the “Inquiry” group. They would automatically begin moving through the workflow. Then, when you have their application in hand, you can remove them from the Inquiry group and add them to the Applicant group. This indicates goal completion on the workflow, which means they will stop progressing through the workflow and not receive emails that are no longer targeted to them.

You can automate this group-membership process, as well, with a Ravenna or OpenApply integration. Group membership will automatically be updated as the user’s status in these platforms progresses.

When you have added a goal to your workflow, you can check how many of your subscribers have achieved that goal on the Stats tab. The “Subscribers Meeting Goal” section shows the percentage and the number of subscribers who have completed the goal.

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