Connecting a Facebook account in the Feeds module

To load posts into the Feeds module from the @YourSchool Facebook page, you must first connect a personal Facebook account in Feeds that has admin access to the @YourSchool page. After connecting the account, you can add the Facebook page as a source back on the Feeds dashboard.

This connection lasts for two months at a time and then expires, at which point the connection needs to be refreshed.
Existing Facebook page sources in Feeds will become deactivated and no longer load new posts until you refresh the expired connection. The connection is a requirement set by Facebook.

Posts from the personal account will not be displayed in Feeds unless you were to additionally add your personal Facebook account as a source on the Feeds dashboard, which most users would choose not to do.

To connect the Facebook account in Feeds:

  1. In Composer, open the Feeds module and visit the "Your Social Connections" page via the hamburger menu in the top right. 

  2. Check whether a connection is currently listed for Facebook. 

    Your Social Connections area of Feeds showing Facebook not connected

  3. If there is not a connection listed, click the green "+" icon and enter the login details for a Facebook account that is an admin of any Facebook sources you already or want to display in Feeds. (These sources are listed in the "Social Media Sources" panel of your main Feeds dashboard.) If your browser is already logged into Facebook, Feeds will default to that account. You may need to log out of Facebook before proceeding.

    Note: When granting Juicer access to your Facebook pages, please make sure the options for "Read content posted on the Page" and "Read user content on your Page" are both clicked to the blue, which allows the page to be accessed for that content.

  4. If there is an active connection listed and that account has admin rights for your Facebook sources, no other action is needed on this screen. If the connection shows as expired, please refresh the connection by clicking the double arrow icon.

Note: Facebook requires feeds to be reconnected every two months. There will not be any notification that the feed has expired. You may want to create an alert on your calendar to reconnect your feed at that time.

If you aren't sure whether your personal Facebook account has admin rights to a certain page, you can check by visiting Facebook pages you display in Feeds should be listed there. If any are missing, contact the administrator of that page and request to be added as one of the page roles. Or, you can connect a different personal Facebook account to Feeds that already has this role. 

Once you have established this connection, Feeds can pull in posts from your existing Facebook page sources. It may require waiting until your next typical update, which is either 4 hours or 5 minutes, depending on your package level.

NEXT STEP: If this was a connection for a new Facebook page to use in Feeds, then please make sure you return to the dashboard and add your Facebook source to Feeds.

Using more than one Facebook source in Feeds

At this time, we can only connect one Facebook account in the "Your Social Connections" page of the Feeds module. If your school or district has multiple Facebook pages, it is easiest for one person who is a central admin on all those Facebook pages to make the single connection in the Feeds module. After making the connection, the user can return to the Feeds dashboard and add the multiple Facebook page sources to Feeds.

If you have different admins for different Facebook pages, then an admin from each Facebook page will need to connect the relevant account in Feeds via their Composer login. After doing so, they can add the relevant Facebook page source on the Feeds dashboard.

Users within an organization can only see the connections made from their own account. We do not have a way to show all connections made by all users across an organization. However, sources added to Feeds do work across an organization.

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